Home and Land Packages in Perth: Be Creative to Manage Buying Costs

Owning instead of renting a home is a dream many Western Australians hope to achieve, particularly in the state’s capital city. Fortunately, Perth’s current real estate market conditions are characterised by low interest rates, an increase in home loan approvals, and median house prices lower than those in other big cities. These conditions favour first home owners.

Of course, you would still need to exercise prudence when securing a property loan, shopping for home and land packages in Perth, and managing everyday costs to ensure a smooth transition to home ownership.


Buying House and Land in Perth: Why First-Timers Ought to Do It Now

Record-low interest rates have prompted an uptick in property investment activity throughout the country. Consequently, a lot of prospective homeowners are seizing the opportunity to enter the property market. Unlike earlier predictions from some experts, new home approvals are also booming, with an all-time high last March of 19,419 or a 2.8 per cent increase from the month before.

Another factor that drives this trend, according to a Housing Industry Association representative, is the steadily growing population. This trend can be observed in key areas like Perth, where more people are emigrating and starting families whilst switching from renting to owning a home. If you’re a first-timer buyer, consider the various points that make it worthwhile to act now and buy your very own house and land in Perth.

Perth First Home Buyers: Home Ownership Costs That You Need to Know

This is something you should never forgo, even if you’re buying a new construction. Always remember that pest and building inspections are relatively cheap compared to the cost of dealing with a problem after the property is purchased.

Let the information above enlighten on you on the different costs that you may face as you tread the path towards home ownership. Count on trusted home builders like WOW! Homes to help make the process a lot easier. Such an experienced home builder has guided numerous other Perth first home buyers direct to the path of home ownership.

House and Land Packages in Perth: How to Speed up Your Home Ownership

Another simple strategy to overcome your mortgage faster is to make one-off lump sum payments. Consider this: a one-time $10,000 payment at the beginning of a $300,000 loan with an interest rate of 4.5 percent per year could save you over $26,000 in interest for the loan’s life span.

Paying off a loan is no small matter. Not all these tips may apply to you, but it’s very much possible to use more than one of these tips to speed up the time it takes for you to own your first home. To make your purchase truly worthwhile, make sure it’s built by award-winning home builders like WOW! Homes who have years of experience in offering quality house & land packages in Perth for first home buyers just like you.

Buying Home and Land Packages in Perth: A Basic Guide for Renters

How do you save up for home and land packages in Perth when a big chunk of your income goes to paying rent? Will you have to sacrifice a lot of luxuries or even give up simple joys? How long will it take before you finally realise your dream of owning a home? Find out how countless West Australians have made the shift from home rentals into full-fledged home ownership.

Tips for Perth First Home Buyers: How to Ensure a Stress-Free Move

You can be confident about the quality of the home you’re about to move into if it was constructed by a trusted builder in Perth, voted one of the world’s most liveable cities. Count on builders that have helped realise the dreams of many Perth First Home Buyers Grant beneficiaries, like WoW! Homes, to meet all of your requirements for aesthetics, quality, and affordability.

Established homebuilders like WoW! Homes don’t simply build houses; they can also help you get started on your first home ownership journey by offering affordable house and land packages in key suburbs throughout the Perth metropolitan area. With their assistance, you can expect the speedy fulfilment of all required paperwork including your Perth first homebuyers grant application, their expert advice on the right suburb to suit your personal preferences and the design which suits your lifestyle needs now and in future.

Perth House and Land Packages: Good News for Those Moving to the City

People have different reasons for moving into a new place and a new house—sometimes it’s a conscious decision, sometimes it’s out of necessity. A job promotion, diminishing family income, the loss of a loved one, a divorce—some families just don’t have the luxury of staying in the same place forever. If you’re planning to move to Perth, there may be some more good news for you.

According to an ABC news article, real estate prices in Perth have dropped slightly, thanks to an 11 percent dip in sales compared to 2014’s first quarter. Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA) president David Airey commented that the Perth market was much quieter than expected during the summer period, and that a greater number of people are deciding not to buy. “…there’s a lot of homes on the market that are remaining unsold so that has reduced sales activity,” he adds.