How to Make Your Land and House Package Pay Off

Western Australia has been experiencing a boom in new home construction. Figures from WA Housing Forecasting Group showed that 28,966 new homes were built from June 2013 to 2014—a 20% jump in new home construction compared to the year before, and the trend continues to be on the upswing.

Whether you’re buying for yourself or for investment purposes, choose a block that will generate capital growth. Even as you choose a location where many investors are buying land and house packages in Perth, which might soon flood the market with new homes for rent, a good house and land investment could still give you winner, whether the times favour a rental market or not. Continue reading

Finding a House and Land Package on a Budget

Since buying a new home is such an important decision, homebuyers need to think carefully before investing in a land and house package. There are many things to consider before making your actual purchase: location, budget, and financial arrangements with the builders or creditors. All the elements considered should fall into place. For some people, custom design is what drives them to own a new house; for some others, budget is the main concern. Continue reading

Choosing a Design for Your New Home

Most families want a home that suits their lifestyle needs. While homebuying may allow for easy relocation, new home construction offers ultimate comfort since all amenities that future occupants need will be included in the draft. If you are one of those who want a newly built home, here are some tips for choosing the right house plan.


The planning stage of a home building project may take weeks or months, especially if the design includes a number of unique amenities. During this stage, you can carefully figure out the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you want, where the kitchen should be located, whether you want a sunroom or a game room, etc. Consider both aesthetics and functionality in making your choices. Continue reading