Home Buying for Couples—To Split (The Bill) or Not

Bills aren’t complicated—you get them, you pay for them. The problem comes when someone is supposed to share the bill with you. Will it be an even split, or will one of you have to shoulder more of the expenses?

If you’re married and about to purchase a new home, this can be a polarising issue. Naturally, you’ll want your monthly repayments to be an even split between you and your partner, but It’s important for both of you to discuss this issue seriously and come up with an answer that both parties can agree to. Otherwise, not only will you be straining your finances, but maybe your relationship as well. Continue reading

To Rent or Buy Your First Home?

Buying a property is one of, if not, the biggest monetary decisions you’ll ever make. How do you know if buying is the right decision for you right now, or if you should be renting instead? To help you choose better between the two options, here are some points for you to consider:

Benefits of Owning a Home

Once your mortgage is paid off, your home will be all yours. Should you decide to sell it in the future (which you are free to do since you own the home), it could be worth more than you paid for it. Continue reading

First Home Buyers Grant 101: Residence Requirement

The most basic eligibility criteria to get a First Home Owners Grant or FHOG are pretty simple. You need to be an Australian citizen or permanent resident buying or building a new residential property (the grant for established homes has recently been scraped off the WA budget) for the first time.

Beyond these eligibility points, you need to satisfy some requirements to receive the grant successfully, and one of these necessities involve residing in the property that you will be building. According to the Office of State Revenue, “Each applicant must occupy the home being purchased or built as their principal place of residence for a continuous period of at least six months, commencing within twelve months of completion of the eligible transaction.”

What Does This Mean?

In simple terms, you should have the intention to live in the house you’re purchasing and realise those plans within a year after construction is finished. The house should be your principal residence, which can be determined by several factors, such as sleeping, eating, entertaining guests, and using basic utilities in the property.

Energy, Water Efficiency: Key to Sustainable Homes

When you’re aiming for a sustainable home, you’ll want to conserve or reuse natural resources while keeping the home liveable and adaptable. You’ll have to ensure that your basic needs are still met (and you don’t feel like you’re sacrificing much or anything really), and that whatever features or upgrades you install can accommodate your family’s changing needs over time. Likewise, you have to consider the long-term affordability of these plans.

Energy and water efficiency would be your top considerations when you buy a house and land package in Perth since these cover basic needs and the highest expenditures in the home (i.e. they are used every day). Power and water resources are also the most substantial to preserve because of their generally dwindling supply in the globe. Here are some ways you can improve the energy and water efficiency of your home right from its construction:

Energy-Saving Measures and Rebates

You can have renewable energy systems like photovoltaic technologies installed, so you can use the harnessed power instead of solely relying on your primary electricity supply. These can also qualify for rebates from the government.

Continue reading

How to Make Your Land and House Package Pay Off

Western Australia has been experiencing a boom in new home construction. Figures from WA Housing Forecasting Group showed that 28,966 new homes were built from June 2013 to 2014—a 20% jump in new home construction compared to the year before, and the trend continues to be on the upswing.

Whether you’re buying for yourself or for investment purposes, choose a block that will generate capital growth. Even as you choose a location where many investors are buying land and house packages in Perth, which might soon flood the market with new homes for rent, a good house and land investment could still give you winner, whether the times favour a rental market or not. Continue reading

Tips for a Showpiece Kitchen

The kitchen is no longer used solely for handling food and cleaning up after meals. Today, the so-called heart of the home is both a place for food preparation and where members of the family get together. Experts say that reality cooking shows may have contributed to the trend of making the kitchen an ultimate attraction in modern homes today.

Any reputable home builder in Perth can design any kitchen you may have in mind—from truly contemporary and sleek to warm traditional. Home builders today can also offer state-of-the-art appliances as part of your house and land package. You can enhance your kitchen further and turn it into your persona showpiece with these tips: Continue reading

Build a Home with Keystart

Building a home from scratch is definitely more expensive than buying one, but it will serve your investment well longer than an existing home. To help you realise this dream without breaking the bank, you can take advantage of low-impact loans like Keystart. Its slightly-high interest rate is offset by the absence of most additional fees.

Established in 1989, Keystart catered to Western Australians who couldn’t afford a loan due to the stringent deposit requirements. The market requires a deposit between 5 and 20 percent of the home’s value. They often come with lenders mortgage insurance (LMI) unless you have a deposit of more than 20 percent. Continue reading