3 Reasons to Choose Single-Storey Homes

So you’ve decided to build a new home for your family and you already have a set price and suburb in mind. Now comes the question, “Should I opt for single-storey or a multi-level design?” Though it depends a lot on your priority, the single-storey plan offers multiple functional advantages that make it more desirable over multi-level alternatives.

Senior and child-friendly

If you wish to invest in a property that can better fulfil your future aging needs, you may want to consider what a struggle it may be to move up and down the stairs with arthritic joints and weakened vision. A single-floor plan will give you more space to move around when you age. Similarly, stairs can be a hazard to little kids.

More efficient heating and cooling

A single-storey home is much easier to heat and cool because there’s no upstairs to be concerned about. Modern house plans typically have open floor plans, with bedrooms and studies or offices around, where air can flow through evenly. The systems are less complex as well, which means your bills will be relatively lower.

Easier expansion

If you have a considerably generous lot space, it would be much easier to add a sunroom, patio, or deck to your home plan. Multi-storey designs, on the other hand, will need more complex structural studies and thorough planning before the upgrades can be carried out.


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