Building an Eco-Friendly Home

When you’re having a new house built, you want to make sure the construction process helps you save money as well as preserve the environment. Not sure where to begin? Take these suggestions to ensure you’re building an environmentally friendly home:

Low-Wattage light bulbs

Using low wattage bulbs is an easy way to reduce your home’s energy consumption. LEDs and compact fluorescent bulbs are two very popular options, as they use considerably less energy than traditional fluorescent bulbs of comparative strength. They may cost more initially, but they pretty much pay for themselves in time, not to mention reduce your carbon footprint.


Quality insulation means your house will be warmer during the cold months and vice versa. Thus, you won’t need to run your HVAC systems for extended periods. Studies show that eco-friendly insulation can help an average household save up to 50 percent on energy bills.

Water fixtures

Leaks in the average household can lead to thousands and even millions of gallons of water wasted per year. That said, quality water pipes can help prevent leaks. Add to that the use of water-efficient faucets and you can save even more on your water consumption.

Use recycled material

Consider using construction products made from recycled, reclaimed or repurposed materials. A few examples of construction materials readily made with recycled content include kitchen countertops, drywall, steel, glass tiles and some landscaping materials.


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