Smart Home Designs Help Delay Urban Encroachment

As Perth continues on its path towards unprecedented growth, more homes need to be built to cater to a booming population. At the same time, the city must manage its development of usable land and heed calls to ensure that ecologically protected land remains undisturbed. The last thing Perth needs right now is an entirely new suburb on the outskirts, particularly one, say, 13 times bigger than Joondalup.

Experts warn that the Perth metro area will be forced to encroach on biodiversity hotspots if and when it its population swells to 6.6 million by 2061. This calls for a paradigm shift in the current housing design doctrine. With smart home designs, in particular, experts believe Perth can provide close to a million homes without any encroachment .

Reducing garden space from an average of 158 square metres to just 70, for instance, can provide nearly 200,000 new homes within existing suburbs. Gardens comprise the largest non-urbanised asset of homes and other buildings, clocking up to 250 square metres per person.

Home builders constantly challenge themselves to develop new space-saving features for new land and house packages in Perth. With a bit of creativity and resourcefulness, it’s entirely possible to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in a cosy and spacious home.



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