Best Perk when Building a New Home: Customisation

Building a new home offers several unique advantages. If it’s your first time to buy a home, you can receive a higher first home owners grant from the government (up to $10,000 compared to $3,000 for established homes). You also get to be hands-on in the construction of your home, which means you can make sure that only quality materials are used and everything is done with utmost precision.

The best perk when building your new home is the ability to customise, especially as regards the following factors.


A reputable home builder in Perth will allow you to choose the exact location of your new home. You can choose the suburb that will allow you the easiest access to business districts. You can also choose a neighbourhood with established schools and rich community resources. Or you can choose the area where you find the environment safe, pleasant, and suitable for your lifestyle.

Designing with Your “Must-Haves”

When given a variety of prospective home designs, you might want to make a selection based on your ideal size, budget, and home features. Do you need three bedrooms and a large family room? Do you need a garage that can fit your two cars? Do you want a spacious al fresco area or courtyard as an extension of your home? You can have these and other features preferences designed into your home.


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