Tips for a Showpiece Kitchen

The kitchen is no longer used solely for handling food and cleaning up after meals. Today, the so-called heart of the home is both a place for food preparation and where members of the family get together. Experts say that reality cooking shows may have contributed to the trend of making the kitchen an ultimate attraction in modern homes today.

Any reputable home builder in Perth can design any kitchen you may have in mind—from truly contemporary and sleek to warm traditional. Home builders today can also offer state-of-the-art appliances as part of your house and land package. You can enhance your kitchen further and turn it into your persona showpiece with these tips:

Put warm, elegant touches.

State-of-the-art” and “modern” do not mean you can’t infuse the room with warmth and subdued elegance. You can use islands and storage with wood painted in matte black, marble countertops, or warm taps, knobs or handles, and other fixtures. Avoid clutter and keep items on display to a minimum to highlight the furnishing details you have carefully selected and create the look you want.

Have a butler’s pantry.

You may also designate a hidden working kitchen or a “butler’s pantry” where food reserves are stored, prepared, and cleaned up. This leaves the open-plan kitchen spotless and sleek. The butler’s pantry also keeps smells contained or away from interior living spaces. If you lack space for this inside your home, you can build an outdoor kitchen instead.


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