How to Make Your Land and House Package Pay Off

Western Australia has been experiencing a boom in new home construction. Figures from WA Housing Forecasting Group showed that 28,966 new homes were built from June 2013 to 2014—a 20% jump in new home construction compared to the year before, and the trend continues to be on the upswing.

Whether you’re buying for yourself or for investment purposes, choose a block that will generate capital growth. Even as you choose a location where many investors are buying land and house packages in Perth, which might soon flood the market with new homes for rent, a good house and land investment could still give you winner, whether the times favour a rental market or not. Continue reading


Tips for a Showpiece Kitchen

The kitchen is no longer used solely for handling food and cleaning up after meals. Today, the so-called heart of the home is both a place for food preparation and where members of the family get together. Experts say that reality cooking shows may have contributed to the trend of making the kitchen an ultimate attraction in modern homes today.

Any reputable home builder in Perth can design any kitchen you may have in mind—from truly contemporary and sleek to warm traditional. Home builders today can also offer state-of-the-art appliances as part of your house and land package. You can enhance your kitchen further and turn it into your persona showpiece with these tips: Continue reading

New Home Purchase: Location Above All

Australia’s real estate market is on the upswing, as indicated by one of the biggest construction booms in its history. If you’ve planned long and saved enough, now would be a good time to buy that new home you’ve always dreamed of. You can even apply for a First Home Buyers Grant to help ease the financial burden. That said, before you even start looking at a property for sale, you need to identify the type of real estate you’re interested in so you can choose the property that best fits your need. Continue reading

Build a Home with Keystart

Building a home from scratch is definitely more expensive than buying one, but it will serve your investment well longer than an existing home. To help you realise this dream without breaking the bank, you can take advantage of low-impact loans like Keystart. Its slightly-high interest rate is offset by the absence of most additional fees.

Established in 1989, Keystart catered to Western Australians who couldn’t afford a loan due to the stringent deposit requirements. The market requires a deposit between 5 and 20 percent of the home’s value. They often come with lenders mortgage insurance (LMI) unless you have a deposit of more than 20 percent. Continue reading

Perth House and Land Packages Are a Smart Idea for First Home Owners

Of course, home buyers can’t underestimate a city’s economic stability. Perth is clearly a winner in this regard since it is the economic capital of Western Australia. This means new settlers have a good chance to score employment opportunities in a short time. Once home buyers decide on a location, they can either choose an existing home in that area or have a home built from the ground up. All things considered, however, buying Perth house and land packages may be the smartest choice of all.

With Skilled Perth Home Builders, You Can Finally Have Your Dream Home

A dream home construction, however, requires utmost collaboration between buyers and builders. Otherwise, the project will turn into a nightmare. Before construction begins, buyers and builders should have a signed contract in place where all the terms are perfectly understood by both parties.

The dream home has more potential to turn into a reality when buyers forge a strong working relationship with the skilled Perth home builders they hire. For their part, home buyers should already have a good idea of what their dream home should be before any construction work starts. Builders can’t turn in an amazing product if buyers don’t know what they want in the first place.