Finding a House and Land Package on a Budget

Since buying a new home is such an important decision, homebuyers need to think carefully before investing in a land and house package. There are many things to consider before making your actual purchase: location, budget, and financial arrangements with the builders or creditors. All the elements considered should fall into place. For some people, custom design is what drives them to own a new house; for some others, budget is the main concern.

The first thing to decide is the area or community that you would like to live in. Look up any of the reputable home developers in that area and get in touch with them. Sales representatives from these companies will offer various options and will help guide you to choose the perfect package suitable for your present needs and budget. The process involves three or four steps for the most part:

  1. Detail any specific needs and the amount you are willing to spend—these needs can be addressed as options for your house and land package. Ask if you may see a display home if you are buying off the plan. If you are buying a complete house and land deal, you will be shown options of home designs.

  2. If you feel the choices presented to you are not suited to your needs, you may opt to have a customised design based on your preferences. Most property developers offer these.

  3. Go over every detail of your chosen package. Sometimes, the listed price will not include certain features like driveways, landscaping, garage and carpets that are shown in the brochure.

  4. Once you have chosen the perfect house and land package, discuss the details and options for home financing.


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