3 Tricks to Separate the Dining and Living Room

As you look up many different floor plans and home builders in Perth, you’ll find that many builders can have many creative ideas about open plan living. This modern style has become a trend as it gives homeowners expansive entertainment or lounge rooms or spacious areas for casual social interactions. Additionally, since open plans encompassing the dining room, lounge, and kitchen are typically at the back part of the home, the design improves the flow or transition to the outdoor living spaces.

Kitchens are commonly separated already by fixed long tables or islands with countertops, but the dining and living room are left with no division. Without divisions, it’s easy for these rooms to look empty or awkward. If you have a home with a similar design, you can visually distinguish the dining area from the living room through these simple tricks:

Use large furniture.

A long, supersized couch or a sectional sofa can be used to mark the edges of your lounge. You can also design a tall shelf or cabinet at the back of a low bench, placed adjacent to the dining room.

Use area rugs.

Large area rugs certainly add distinction to each room and provide visual anchors to the furniture. Keep the colours or themes similar or related, so big but separated space still looks cohesive.

Use chic dividers.

You can also create distinct spaces through stylish screens, wood panels, or even drapes. These can help improve the privacy of each room on normal days and be removed during parties.


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