Marking the Territory

One of the best points of getting a house and land package through Perth developers is that you get to have a property to build your dream home on. Choosing the suitable land for your dream home, however, will need some more background digging. Your preferred builder will help make the best of both worlds.

General Area

The location for your property will be essential in providing a more satisfactory experience to ownership. Check the proposed lots offered to you for issues, such as area developments and the quality of basic services, such as access to schools or healthcare centres.

Learn about any zoning regulations that will affect the property composition. There will also be building covenants that have strict provisions like the time period you must have a house built on the property after securing it. Some property experts say that if the plot is in a strata-titled block, consult the appointed corporate body about paying certain annual fees

The Look of the Slice

Sometimes, zoning issues have their ways with determining the shape of the property you’re looking to buy. There are properties which makes it more suitable to build a house closer to the road to allow for a good-sized backyard, and properties where it is more ideal to locate the construction of the house near the back end of the property to allow a more spacious frontage for a yard.


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