First Home Buyers in Perth Teach you about Tackling Ideal Floor Plans

A spate of challenges await first home buyers in Perth who are looking to have a new house built through a home and land package─ such as choosing the ideal floor plan. An article on the federal government’s information portal Your Home illustrates the issue in many ways. Each step will require your undivided attention.
Some sources state that the Perth region is slowly on the decline as far as housing is concerned. Even so, there are people determined to build new dreams; the kind that developers who serve Perth first home buyers direct like Wow! Homes are eager to help achieve.


Perth House and Land Packages: Affordable if you Put your Mind to it

The quest to invest in a new home, like house and land packages in Perth, will often have different twists and turns awaiting people who decide to take the plunge. This may be true depending on where you are in your life at present. The Australian Broadcasting Corp’s Elysse Morgan and Simon Frazer said that many people were already hitting their 30s by the time they got around to buying a new property.

The above certainly strikes a chord with Perth residents who’ve always wanted a humble abode but can’t pursue it because various problems hold them back. A top Australian bank’s recent annual report on first-home buyers’ deposits revealed that they took 4.1 years to save up enough money to cover the required 20% deposit. The conclusion was based on a 7.1% climb of national median prices to $469,000 as of December, 2014.

Finding a House and Land Package on a Budget

Since buying a new home is such an important decision, homebuyers need to think carefully before investing in a land and house package. There are many things to consider before making your actual purchase: location, budget, and financial arrangements with the builders or creditors. All the elements considered should fall into place. For some people, custom design is what drives them to own a new house; for some others, budget is the main concern. Continue reading

3 Tricks to Separate the Dining and Living Room

As you look up many different floor plans and home builders in Perth, you’ll find that many builders can have many creative ideas about open plan living. This modern style has become a trend as it gives homeowners expansive entertainment or lounge rooms or spacious areas for casual social interactions. Additionally, since open plans encompassing the dining room, lounge, and kitchen are typically at the back part of the home, the design improves the flow or transition to the outdoor living spaces. Continue reading

Understanding First Home Owner Grant in Perth

After years of hard work, you and your spouse have sorted out your finances and are now ready to buy your first home. You are ready to say goodbye to renting for good. In Perth, you have a choice between a newly built home for your first home, and an existing one. Each offers its own set of advantages.

If you opt to build your first home or buy a newly built home, you can apply for First Home Owner Grant (FHOG). The Western Australia Government funds the FHOG to offset higher housing costs due to Goods and Services Tax. The FHOG scheme is implemented by the Office of State Revenue. If you are approved for FHOG, it will be much easier for you and your partner to cover the costs of your own home. Continue reading

Marking the Territory

One of the best points of getting a house and land package through Perth developers is that you get to have a property to build your dream home on. Choosing the suitable land for your dream home, however, will need some more background digging. Your preferred builder will help make the best of both worlds.

General Area

The location for your property will be essential in providing a more satisfactory experience to ownership. Check the proposed lots offered to you for issues, such as area developments and the quality of basic services, such as access to schools or healthcare centres. Continue reading