A Few Design Essentials for Your New House

For many people, home renovations represent a great opportunity to unleash their creative side and remake their homes into liveable works of art. On the other hand, many people also view renovations as merely spending money on things they should’ve had in the first place.

If you fall under the latter category, then it’s crucial that you get your design scheme right the first time around. This means working closely with an experienced home builder from Perth to make sure you get what you want.

When it comes to your kitchen, you need the kind of layout that won’t impede food preparation. While different kitchen layouts suit specific kitchen needs, see that you position storage items such as knife blocks and glass racks away from your appliances and countertop to minimise clutter. Your kitchen should also have an efficient ventilation system in place so you won’t suffocate from all the smoke while cooking.

As for bathrooms, aim for efficient use of space without sacrificing aesthetics. You’ll want the type of bathroom design that divides the room into smaller areas for different activities, e.g. a ‘cleansing zone’ for the shower or bathtub and a make-over zone for wash basins. In contrast to your kitchen design, you’ll want your storage items to be within reach; this means positioning your soap and shampoo holders close to your shower or tub.


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