Compiling Your Dream Home Wish List

A dream come true starts with a wish. Your dream home is no exception.

Any plan to build a custom home starts with a meeting with your trusted home builder over a cup of coffee. The builder is expected to present you with designs you might like, but you also have to present your wish list. Be prepared to answer questions like: What would you like in a home? More importantly, can you afford to make those items a reality?

Chances are, you’ll be visiting other places over the course of this phase. The showroom may be a treasure trove of ideas, but feasibility in your case will come from the people you know, namely those whose homes recently underwent renovation. If none of your contacts renovated, ask them what they like about their homes anyway.

As for design ideas, don’t just rely on what you find in your builder’s showroom. Remember that you’re on an intelligence-gathering mission here. Visit other showrooms and gather info about the designs they offer.

You’re free to roam the country for ideas, but the Internet is a faster way. Various home building websites are overflowing with valuable information regarding the latest trends. All you need is a hotspot in Perth and your Internet-ready device.


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