Build a Dream Home with a First Home Buyer’s Grant

Having a home of your own can cost you a lot. Fortunately, the government is ready to help you out, if it’s the first home you will be buying or building. Western Australian residents would be able to obtain up to $10,000 in grants for the building of a new home; for first-time buyers seeking to buy an existing house, it’s possible to get up to $3000.

However, you cannot just send in an application and expect to be approved. There are a few requirements that you have to meet to qualify for the grant:

  • First, you need to be 18 years of age, and be a citizen of Australia, or a Permanent Resident.

  • Second, the home you will be buying or the property upon which you intend to build your home, should be buying in Western Australia. This home should also be your primary place of residence; this means you’ll be living there at least six months per year and you’ll be occupying it within 12 months of the home’s completion or purchase.

You can’t use the money for commercial buildings nor for renovations to an already existing home. If you’re interested in getting a grant, contact the Office of State Revenue to get an application. This government financial opportunity is a great chance to save some money while buying or building yourself your first home.


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