3 Cool Ideas for Your Spare Bedroom

When you purchase land and house packages in Perth, you may have more bedrooms than you need. You could be an individual who wants to build a family someday, half of a young couple with no kids buying for the first time, or even a retiree whose children have all moved out already. Whatever your status is, you can make the most out of a spare room with any or a combination of these three cool ideas:

A Guest Room

Bring out the host or hostess in you, and treat your guests to deluxe accommodations. Style the room with a neutral design to suit the varied tastes of your possible visitors. If your home is in a key location within or near the city, you can consider renting out the room, especially to students or to professionals.

Your Personal Gym

Save on gym memberships in the long run, and invest on equipment for your own in-house gym. Alternatively, make the spare room your fitness studio, such as a yoga or meditation room, an aerobics or dance studio, etc.

A Recreation Area

Are you the artistic type? Set up your arts and crafts studio in your spare room! If you’re a collector or if you want to start a hobby, you can turn the space into a private gallery, too. Should you be inclined to do so, you can also outfit the room into a highly personalised home office or perhaps a lounge and library.


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