3 Cool Ideas for Your Spare Bedroom

When you purchase land and house packages in Perth, you may have more bedrooms than you need. You could be an individual who wants to build a family someday, half of a young couple with no kids buying for the first time, or even a retiree whose children have all moved out already. Whatever your status is, you can make the most out of a spare room with any or a combination of these three cool ideas: Continue reading


A Rundown on First Home Owners Grant

The Government of Western Australia started offering the First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) back in 2000 to help eligible first home buyers make their dreams of owning a piece of real estate a reality. Designed to compensate for the impact of fluctuating house prices, first-time home buyers can qualify for a $10,000 payment which they can then use to pay for or build a new home. Moreover, the grant will not affect homebuyers’ eligibility for other forms of government assistance. Continue reading