Who Needs an Architect?

Everyone does. There is no downplaying their role in the construction of a new building or home. Architects are responsible for designing, drawing up plans, supervising construction, and ensuring the integrity of whatever needs to be built. For the kind of job that they do, architects need to complete a level of educational attainment, and then have to be certified or licensed, and gain experience and familiarity with local building restrictions.

Professional’s fee

The average fee for an architect (or firm) working on a residential project is typically 15% of the total project cost. The rate is higher for commercial endeavours. Given the amount of responsibility they bear, their services are worth every penny.

Do it yourself right or not at all

No matter how artistic or innovative you feel you are, architecture is a task that cannot be accomplished on a whim. It requires years of study and on-the-job exposure. Bear in mind that lives and investments depend on structural integrity. Without an architect’s expertise, the structure is as good as a house of cards.

Packaged deal

Builders and general contractors offer land and house packages in Perth which save the future home owner valuable time and budget. These packages are pre-designed and the client or potential homeowner chooses from the available plans. Construction takes less time and the client need not pay an architectural firm for services rendered.

Quality designs

The pre-designed home plans that have been cited by building and design entities for excellence and innovation are homes worth considering. Architects are trained to use their creative design, as well as technical skills, to build aesthetic and solid structures.


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