How to Avoid Disputes with Your Home Builder

When it comes to building your desired home, having a good relationship with your developer can determine the outcome of its construction. With the right builder you can get the house you want without any major conflicts. This is why communication between buyers and builders are important in avoiding potential disputes.

Do note that negotiating with a builder is not the same as arguing with one. Remember that when both parties are involved in getting the best possible deal or win-win situation, that is a negotiation. It’s not about confrontation. Getting a good deal and avoiding disputes would still involve a duly-informed buyer, or by being familiar with the building process.

Proper documentation is everything. If both parties are fully aware or knowledgeable of the terms mentioned on the contract and have agreed on them, then they should stand by that agreement. It is important to document and discuss everything with your builder to avoid disputes. Your contract should include the extent and timing of work that needs to be done, total price, and payment terms. If there are any mutually-agreed upon changes in the contract then they should be documented. It is highly recommended that both parties enter into a written contract prior to starting on building work.

Settle down in Perth the right way. Remember not to avoid negotiations, only disputes. Communication is a two-way street, not to mention building your home.


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