Great Things Come in Package Deals

For as long as there has been trading and commerce, nothing moves merchandise better than a package deal. The vendor is able to make a profit while the client gets better value than if he’d purchased either item separately. Here are some examples of brilliant pairings that get more customers whipping out their pocketbooks in record time:

Airfare and hotel accommodations

On top of the savings, clients spare themselves from the stress of making reservations themselves. Travel agents do earn a minimal fee, but that doesn’t seem to worry the frequent and often times demanding flyers. In addition, the travel agent can accommodate any last-minute changes.

Food and personal services

For the gentlemen, there’s the haircut and shave bundle. For the ladies, salons could package a perm and a manicure. The biggest boon to the fast food industry is the value meal, wherein a sandwich comes with a drink and chips for a reasonable price.

House and land

In Australia, builders and contractors offer clients the land and a pre-designed house at a package price. Instead of dealing with a realtor, architect, and builder, clients only need to deal with one. Since then, the number of new homes has risen in Western Australia, thanks to the government’s first home buyer’s grant for Perth residents.

Package dealing is also a proven negotiation method for pickers and swappers, which only goes to show that in a win-win situation, everyone walks away happy.


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