Perth Home and Land Packages for Sale: New Homes are the Way to Go

Still not convinced? Then consider these other advantages of buying new home and land packages in Perth: (1) Since all new homes in Australia must be energy rated but established homes don’t have to be, the difference in energy efficiency between them can be dramatic; (2) You won’t have to shell out anything to change countertops, cabinets, and flooring; (3) You get a home built with materials specific to your taste.

What’s more, with help from a trusted home builder, you’ll be sure to find some Perth house and land packages that are stylish, comfy, and often in the best locations.

Purchasing Perth House and Land Packages: Do You Qualify for FHOG?

Almost 80% of people searching for homes begin with the internet. With just a few searches and clicks, a potential buyer like you can begin scouting for a new home through various online listings, virtual tours, and other home builders sources.

You probably have a pretty good idea of the type of home you want and the neighbourhood you want to live in. By the time you step into the office of Perth home builders, such as Wow! Homes, you’ve pretty much accomplished half of what you need to do to own a home.

Who Needs an Architect?

Everyone does. There is no downplaying their role in the construction of a new building or home. Architects are responsible for designing, drawing up plans, supervising construction, and ensuring the integrity of whatever needs to be built. For the kind of job that they do, architects need to complete a level of educational attainment, and then have to be certified or licensed, and gain experience and familiarity with local building restrictions.

Professional’s fee

The average fee for an architect (or firm) working on a residential project is typically 15% of the total project cost. The rate is higher for commercial endeavours. Given the amount of responsibility they bear, their services are worth every penny.

Do it yourself right or not at all

No matter how artistic or innovative you feel you are, architecture is a task that cannot be accomplished on a whim. It requires years of study and on-the-job exposure. Bear in mind that lives and investments depend on structural integrity. Without an architect’s expertise, the structure is as good as a house of cards.

Packaged deal

Builders and general contractors offer land and house packages in Perth which save the future home owner valuable time and budget. These packages are pre-designed and the client or potential homeowner chooses from the available plans. Construction takes less time and the client need not pay an architectural firm for services rendered.

Quality designs

The pre-designed home plans that have been cited by building and design entities for excellence and innovation are homes worth considering. Architects are trained to use their creative design, as well as technical skills, to build aesthetic and solid structures.

Reserve House and Land Packages in Perth for a Deposit of Only $3,000

From September 23 to October 25, we’re repeating our offer to new home buyers who are desperately wanting to get their own place with a low deposit. With a low deposit of only $3,000, you may reserve a home and choose from our beautiful range of stunning designs – Sanctuary II Display, the Zone II Display, and the HIA Award-winning Edge II Display in NOR or SOR locations of the Perth metropolitan area.

Having a brand-new home is one of the most exciting events in your life. You can finally receive a helping hand in making your dream become a reality, working with an experienced and creative builder who has your needs and preferences in mind.

Wow! Homes Extends Its Special Promo for First Home Buyers in Perth

Osborne Park, Western Australia (September 4, 2014) – Due to popular demand, Wow! Homes is extending its special promo geared towards first home buyers in Perth. From September 23 to October 25, clients only need to place a $3,000 deposit to get started on their dream of home ownership.

The rock-bottom deposit is applicable to home and land packages worth $288,000 and $310,000, including the Sanctuary II Display, the Zone II Display, and the HIA Award-winning Edge II Display home designs. This attractive 1% deposit finance product is available to eligible applicants who meet the lender’s criteria.

How to Avoid Disputes with Your Home Builder

When it comes to building your desired home, having a good relationship with your developer can determine the outcome of its construction. With the right builder you can get the house you want without any major conflicts. This is why communication between buyers and builders are important in avoiding potential disputes.

Do note that negotiating with a builder is not the same as arguing with one. Remember that when both parties are involved in getting the best possible deal or win-win situation, that is a negotiation. It’s not about confrontation. Getting a good deal and avoiding disputes would still involve a duly-informed buyer, or by being familiar with the building process.

Proper documentation is everything. If both parties are fully aware or knowledgeable of the terms mentioned on the contract and have agreed on them, then they should stand by that agreement. It is important to document and discuss everything with your builder to avoid disputes. Your contract should include the extent and timing of work that needs to be done, total price, and payment terms. If there are any mutually-agreed upon changes in the contract then they should be documented. It is highly recommended that both parties enter into a written contract prior to starting on building work.

Settle down in Perth the right way. Remember not to avoid negotiations, only disputes. Communication is a two-way street, not to mention building your home.

Great Things Come in Package Deals

For as long as there has been trading and commerce, nothing moves merchandise better than a package deal. The vendor is able to make a profit while the client gets better value than if he’d purchased either item separately. Here are some examples of brilliant pairings that get more customers whipping out their pocketbooks in record time:

Airfare and hotel accommodations

On top of the savings, clients spare themselves from the stress of making reservations themselves. Travel agents do earn a minimal fee, but that doesn’t seem to worry the frequent and often times demanding flyers. In addition, the travel agent can accommodate any last-minute changes.

Food and personal services

For the gentlemen, there’s the haircut and shave bundle. For the ladies, salons could package a perm and a manicure. The biggest boon to the fast food industry is the value meal, wherein a sandwich comes with a drink and chips for a reasonable price.

House and land

In Australia, builders and contractors offer clients the land and a pre-designed house at a package price. Instead of dealing with a realtor, architect, and builder, clients only need to deal with one. Since then, the number of new homes has risen in Western Australia, thanks to the government’s first home buyer’s grant for Perth residents.

Package dealing is also a proven negotiation method for pickers and swappers, which only goes to show that in a win-win situation, everyone walks away happy.