The Perks of Living in Perth

According to Numbeo, the world’s largest database about cities and countries, Perth, WA ranks first among the most expensive cities to live in Australia. It surpassed more popular cities like Canberra, Sydney, and Melbourne. The rating is said to be based on commodities, transportation, and utilities.

However, the living costs translate to a high-quality of life. This coastal city boasts of magnificent world-class natural attractions fit for nature junkies. Aside from its famous beaches, this region also houses exquisite wineries that attract many connoisseurs and food enthusiasts. Among the factors for its strong economy are its large refineries and mineral deposits, paving the way for stable employment opportunities. With all of these perks, who wouldn’t want to live here?

However, some residents and outsiders have complained about house prices. In the past, houses in Perth were more affordable than those in other big cities in Australia, but that changed in 2006. During this year, prices went up, and some people felt its effects. From the $260,000 difference, it went down to only $160,000.

Fortunately, with this year government’s mandatory fixed interest rates, buying a house is now more affordable than ever. Banks welcome more loan applications, allowing those planning to buy a home more opportunities to do so.

Most house builders now offer promos such as grants amounting to much as $10,000 for first home owners. A good bargain, isn’t it? So don’t hold yourself back anymore. Today might be your lucky day!


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