Live the Best Life in Perth

Where in the world can you live a happy and peaceful life? Australian cities are consistently among the top ten best places to live on the planet. This comes as no surprise since Australia has always put the welfare needs of its residents first. Melbourne came in first on the list, while Adelaide, Sydney, Perth, and placed 5th, 7th, and 9th respectively.

All boxes ticked

The locations were judged using the following criteria: political and social stability, crime rate, accessibility to health and social services, education standards, cultural diversity, natural environment, and quality of infrastructure. Quite a lengthy shopping list, but the Aussies topped it, beating cities in Canada, Finland, New Zealand, and Austria.

Winning formula

It was noted that Australian cities, with their low population density, consistently had low crime rates. Perth was given honourable mention as the city with the highest wage rate in the country. Whether you’re from another country or another part of Australia, this is definitely a place you’d want to settle in and raise a family.

Buying or building

Given the number of suburbs to choose from, would-be residents could either buy an existing property or build in the newly-established ones. For those looking for a fresh start, many builders in Western Australia offer land and home packages wherein they provide the real estate, home design, and construction services for a package price. This will cost relatively lower than hiring a builder and architect separately. Either way, prepare to live happily ever after.


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