FAQs Regarding the First Home Owner’s Grant

The First Home Owner’s Grant (FHOG) is meant to help West Australian citizens achieve their dream of owning their own home. The grant itself pays $10,000 to those who are having a home built for the very first time. In addition, those who take advantage of house and land package deals may be eligible for an exemption from stamp duty.

Of course, the grant has several limitations. These limitations tend to confuse many people. As such, here are the answers to a few frequently asked questions about the FHOG:

I’m a foreigner. Am I still eligible for the grant?

No; only Australian citizens are eligible for the FHOG. If you have been granted permanent residence in Australia by the government, however, you gain eligibility for the grant.

I’ve already received the FHOG from my former place of residence. Am I allowed to apply for the one offered by the WA government?

No. Accepting the grant from anywhere else in Australia makes you ineligible. However, there are some cases where your initial grant was repealed that make you eligible again. In such cases, you can send a formal enquiry to the WA Department of Finance to clarify.

I plan to purchase a home with other people. How does this affect my eligibility?

Every person you plan to purchase the home with must meet the FHOG eligibility requirements for you to receive the grant. Furthermore, only one grant will be given.


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