Feng Shui Considerations in House and Lot Shopping

Are you a strong believer of Feng Shui, the traditional Chinese practice of cultivating good luck? There are numerous Feng Shui considerations that also apply to purchasing a house and lot, to ensure a “smoother” flow of good luck. Here are a few tips.

Location, neighbourhood, and lot placement – In Feng Shui, a home’s location primarily affects the quality of good energy entering and flowing through it. You must be sure that the house receives good energy from the surroundings— a clean street, sociable neighbours, and everything positive that manifests within the community itself.

House shape – It is preferable that the house is either square or rectangular. A buyer should avoid missing corners or slanted edges. With this in mind, homes shaped like diamonds or triangles aren’t appropriate. Feng Shui traditions strongly believe that irregularly shaped homes facilitate an irregular flow of energy, resulting in bad luck.

A strong front door – The front door is a critical part of Feng Shui as this is the way the entire house gets its Chi, also known as life energy. A Feng Shui-strong front door is characterized by a complete absence of obstruction; which means there should be no recycling bins, cracked old pots with dead plants or any other items that block Chi flow through the door.


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