Qualities of Modern-style Homes

Newly-built homes are great choices for first home buyers because these types are designed specifically for the modern man or woman. However, how can you tell if a home truly carries a modern style? Here are some clues to watch out for:

Modern homes are energy-efficient

Take a look at the roof. Do you see clay tiles or slate? While these are durable roofing materials, they are not as energy-efficient as metal roofs. Take a glimpse at the siding. Stucco and stone are attractive choices for siding, but when energy-efficiency is the game, then wood, standard aluminum, steel, or vinyl siding are the top choices.

Kitchen is designed for work efficiency

Traditional, older-style homes typically had the main work area on any side of the room. However, kitchens in modern-style homes have it in the centre, with ample space for people to walk around at any side. Having a kitchen island makes for efficient meal preparation, even when there are two or more people working there at the same time.

It’s all about open spaces

Classic home styles like Tudor or Victorian tend to make residents feel a bit claustrophobic because they don’t come with a lot of open spaces. Modern-style homes have outdoor living spaces in mind like patios and decks. If space is limited, they are incorporated with glass to make them seem more open and wide.


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