Tips on Buying a House and Land Package

Investing in a house and land is no easy feat. You have to be prepared and cautious with your choices to avoid costly mistakes. Here are some practical considerations when buying a house and land package:

Settle your budget and finances

As with anything, never bite off more than you can chew. Determine a budget that you’re comfortable with or an amount– including taxes and other overheads– that you can easily pay off. See if you will be eligible for government assistance, and talk to trusted lenders like banks and building societies for loans with low-interest rates.

Prioritise quality, but also consider affordability

Choose a good neighbourhood– one that has low crime rates and accessible schools, means of transportation, places of worship, and other community facilities. List the must-have features of your home, such as energy-efficient utilities, spacious rooms, etc. Carefully select the design of the house, and have your master bedrooms or living spaces oriented optimally (towards a view or with ample ventilation perhaps.)

Partner with reputable builders

Consult licenced and established builders to professionally design and construct your home. See if the company can also help with other important details of your home, such as its location, layout, and even financing. Make sure that the builder complies with the industry’s safety and quality standards, as well as government regulations in terms of zoning and construction, so your home can be competently built without any problem with authorities (or your neighbours).


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